Growing up in Wales, psytrance artist Kevin Lane’s passion was always music, but for much of his early youth, his tastes hovered in the realms of mainly rock & heavy metal. However, he discovered the psychedelic scene in his teens, then the psytrance scene years later at the age of 26, the age he considers his artistic alter ego “CLOUD” to have been born.

Of that scene he says, “The psytrance scene & the way of life that revolves around it absolutely blew my mind, changed everything about me, and at that point my eyes were well & truly opened. Four years later, after exploring this new psychedelic world & discovering myself; I decided to start producing my own psytrance.”

Kevin Lane - Cloud-Music
Kevin Lane aka CLOUD

When asked about how he had begun production & through what medium he’d pursued his musical education, he states; “Without knowing anything about producing or music, I felt I’d thrown myself into the deep end. This inadvertently led to me giving up on life for the next year, & I dedicated that time to learning how to produce Psytrance. I then made my first album, but post-production, I still couldn’t shake the feeling of underachievement – I felt I still didn’t really have my own sound. So, I took a break from producing to learn more, attempting to learn and develop ways to stand out from the crowd.

I found some music theory courses & got to work. After finishing those courses as well as a few on sound synthesis, I felt ready to make my own personal sound. I was straight back in the studio like it was an illness – but this time with a set of characteristics & style all my own. Producing psytrance has been an amazing & accomplishing adventure for me.” In less than 2 years of producing & only a year as a performing DJ, he’s been signed to 3 different labels (Boomtic Records, Psyworld Records & Let It Out Records); and started releasing solo. He’s managed to play at 2 big festivals (Logic and Indigenous), 2 separate radio stations in Holland, and a considerable amount of smaller events in the UK.

In recent months he’s also begun hosting his own Psytrance parties. In regards to current earmarks of musical progress & audience garnered, just a week of being on Hypeddit helped to push him to victory in the charts, winning not only first, but second & fourth places on the top 100 Psytrance download chart. In the words of Lane himself, “See you on the dance floor!”

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